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Many people may be wondering why our name is 430Tru?  So  here it is if you are curious...

    From a time almost forgotten, an orchestra was tuned by the ear of the conductor. A conductor must have knowledge and skill of every instrument in the orchestra. This method was the pathway to harmony. A combination of brass, string and wind. With cooperation we can achieve harmony today. Although the 'in tune' frequency of strings and brass are slightly different, and today we rely on digital tuning 440 Hz. It can be noticed that 432 Hz is more harmonious to our soul. The true frequency of a cooperative effort, lead by the conductor. In life we also must submit some of ourselves to achieve true Harmony. We have a creator who knows us and how we could operate in harmony with others. This is the philosophy we subscribe to, both in life and in Design.

    430Tru seeks to bring the site location, the physical building, and the occupants to a place of harmony. We understand that this is only possible through a collaboration of all parties involved. Just as every good thing is made possible, our Designs have been done with cooperation and harmony as the goal. 

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