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What Our Packages Include 


11X17  Estimate Drawings

- PDF file you can print of an 11x17 sheet of paper

- Comes with 4 pages that include basic dimensions for your contractor to give you an              estimate on how much it would cost to build

- Pages include foundation, main floor, elevations and roof plans

- These drawings cannot be taken to your building department for permits as there is not  enough information in them. They are simply for those who are looking to get cost estimations for building. This is a quick easy way to get a budget started for your next build! 



OPTION #3   

24x36 Construction Plan Set

- This is a fully detail plan set that has all the information you would need to build and bring to the building department, also includes a registered BCIN number for Ontario, Canada.

- We also send this package in PDF format so you can get as many copies printed as you need, and so you can avoid shipping costs. But if you want it mailed just contact us about the house plan you want.

- This plan set is a total of 7 pages with notes and full dimensions  

OPTION #4   

24x36 Construction Plan Set Alterations

- This option includes working with our design professionals

- Basically if you want a wall moved, a deck added or anything to a certain house plan on the website simply contact us with the house number and we will alter the drawing for you at an hourly rate. 

- It will be delivered as PDF fully ready to use.

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