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   430TRU is a Family run business, that provides quality designs at a low cost. We started this idea at the beginning of 2019 and it just keeps growing! We are excited to give families the option to dream about their family homes, to get inspired and to get excited for new projects! We want people to have options!


Michael Schuilenberg

    Father of 4, Opa of 8, Husband to one amazing Wife. Family is important to me, and I've always wanted to have a family business that could be pass from generation to generation.

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Trevor Schuilenberg

   Hi I'm Trevor, I am a father of three and I stay at home with my children. On the side I enjoy creating new designs and working from Kentucky on 430Tru. I am very excited to be part of this company!


Esther Borger

    Hi I'm very excited to be part of 430TRU! I am Michael Schuilenberg's youngest daughter. I live in Ontario and have 2 amazing children and a wonderful husband. I love to design and dream up new ideas. I am also a stay at home mom, which I love!   

Teah Schuilenberg

Hi! I am so excited to be part of 430TRU! I'm a young entrepreneur and I will be looking after the social media accounts for 430TRU! My favourite house designs are abstract, eclectic, asymmetric and vintage! 

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16144 Telephone RD

Brighton, Ontario

K0K 1H0


 Tel: 613 475 3688

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